So I watched Godzilla: Planet of Monsters last night and I’ve got to say, overall, I really loved it. I am a bit biased though because I am a huge fan of Godzilla. I grew up watching the movies and even remember having a Godzilla fan club when I was like 6 years old. Of course, there were only 2 of us in the club but it was our club nonetheless. So before I get into the good and the bad let’s outline what the first episode was about.

In the last summer of the 20th century, giant monsters began appearing all over the world and wrecking havoc. Eventually, a powerful creature named Godzilla appeared which destroyed humans and monsters alike. Two species of aliens, the Exif and the Bilusaludo, eventually arrived with the former attempting to convert humanity to their religion and the latter seeking to emigrate to Earth with promises to defeat Godzilla with Mechagodzilla, should humanity accept them. However, the Bilusaludo were unable to activate Mechagodzilla, which forced the aliens and humanity to abandon Earth and emigrate to Tau Ceti e 11.9 light years away. Eventually, short on supplies and hope, they decide to go back and fight for Earth.

The Good

Great visuals and beautifully designed craft/vehicles. The show was fun to watch and was really fast-paced. I think they did a great job capturing the raw power of Godzilla. As many of you know, this is the largest form of Godzilla we have seen. You can see the size chart below for scale.


The Bad

I felt the storytelling was difficult to fully understand and the captions were difficult to read at times because of white text on white backgrounds. Also, the text kept appearing on the bottom of the screen then it would be at the top making fluid reading difficult. This didn’t help as some of the text flashed briefly and didn’t give the viewer enough time to follow.

All-in-all, Godzilla: Planet of Monster was really fun. I can’t wait to see more! Thanks to Netflix for bringing things from my childhood and modernizing them.

Let us know what you thought of it!