Black Raven Comics is the story of three friends whose dream it was to grow up and make comic books – so they did.

Geekthenews had the opportunity to visit Chris Moore, co-owner of Black Raven Comics, to learn more about their projects: Stormhammer Saga and Space Pirates Takeo. When asked about their work, Chris describes Stormhammer Saga as “Mad Max meets Beowulf” and Space Pirates Takeo as well, “space pirates…no description needed!” So, GTN took a closer look.

Stormhammer Saga is a darker, grittier look at Black Raven Comics. This Viking story is grounded in realism and brought to life through beautiful, detailed artwork.

stormhammer stormhammer

Space Pirates Takeo is a playful mix of characters including the galaxy’s only known yeti, space pirates, samurai, mercenaries, and orcs to name just a few. The artwork is clean and makes use of black and white negative space. The book retains a fantasy element true to its science-fiction roots. While the story is new, it provokes a sense of nostalgia to the 90’s classics.

Space pirate takeo Space pirate takeo

Throughout the conversation, RJ’s passion for comics was clear. His advice for inspiring creators, “always do what you love and have fun doing it.” GTN is hooked!