During this breakout session, Victor Dandridge of Vantage:Inhouse Productions, forged his real-life stories and experiences into four lessons for the audience.

Lesson 1: Know the difference between an idea and a story. As an audience, we were encouraged to sit on an idea until we could tell the beginning, middle and end of the story; then repeat it.
Lesson 2: Indie versus Indy; learn your market and establish your imprint. With this advice we were reminded that it’s “not how pretty your draw, it’s how well you tell a story.”
Lesson 3: Merchandising, do it early and do it often!  This was a call to action for creators to talk about our projects everywhere and know that the first thing we sell is ourselves.
Lesson 4: Think smaller. Ouch! But not really. Victor’s challenge to the audience was to start small. First, finish something. Next, get someone to read it. Last, sell it. His advice to the group, “start small and earn it.”

The V:IPS of Self-Publishing was a charismatic call to arms for creators everywhere. As an orator, Victor was honest and engaging, while challenging the audience to think and create from a different perspective. Finally, Victor ended this breakout session with conviction by saying, “kill any excuse.”

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About Victor Dandridge
Victor Dandridge is the writer of The Samaritan, The Trouble w/Love, Origins Unknown and Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians. He is an award nominated author who has catapulted his success and established his own imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions. Victor is a champion for small-press publishing.

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