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What is Coronary?

Plastic Surgery; Fashionable, free of charge. Romeo and Juliet meets Black Mirror in a comic where nothing is sacred. (Project Earth)

Plastic surgery is free. London is gripped by madness, dominated by cosmetic surgeons, lifestyle coaches and pill-pushers. Within this insanity, a neurotic businessman reconsiders the course of his life when a freethinking outsider crashes into it. But she doesn’t want him, or anyone.

Justin must put his business aside and concentrate on what it means to live, love, and be loved in return. He created an unattainable standard for women that drove them to buy his miracle pills and pushed them into the arms of his surgeons. Due to this, he has enemies both legal and criminal, that want to end ventures permanently. Throughout this chaos, Luna hopes to help him achieve redemption, while he’s still breathing that is.

*If you missed Coronary: Episode One – don’t worry! Every reward level that’s $7 and above comes with a digital copy of the first episode. And for $20 you can get a signed physical of Episode One.


“Saavedra and Peñalba have shown off talent that is so precise, it could only be described as raw, attention to detail as natural as blinking. All three creators deserve a seat at the table with the fabled Big Dogs: if Image doesn’t want the finished product, Dark Horse will.”

“[Coronary] intrigues, excites and leaves you wanting more.” -Chris Sanagan, creator of Group of 7.

“Beautiful art…with a determined-as-all-hell creative team.”

”A visual storytelling treat…you will be engaged and left wanting more.” -Jenn Arledge, creator of Alex Priest.

Coronary Coronary Coronary