The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty is a sci-fi buddy comedy comic about two best friends roaming the universe as thieves-for-hire. It is initially being released digitally.

This project is amazing! I really enjoyed reading this comic and I suggest everyone to run and support it. Well written and well drawn. It is truly a gem and we are big fans of the project. Thanks so much to Niall Presnall for sending it over to us.

A brash thief roams the universe with her hyperactive robotic best friend until they find the one thing they can’t steal: a purpose.

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Vyvy & Qwerty

Vyvy was abandoned by her smuggler parents as a young child. She was playing in the cargo hold of their ship while on a routine contraband run, when authorities hailed them to stop. Not knowing Vyvy was down there, they jettisoned her and the cargo before they could be searched.

Whether or not they ever tried to look for her, she doesn’t know, but Vyvy never saw her parents again.

Vyvy picked pockets and stole to survive her entire life, becoming more and more proficient at it until she was able to acquire her own ship. She’s been one of the universes most active thieves-for-hire ever since.

An original character sheet from Carlos Trigo
An original character sheet from Carlos Trigo

Qwerty was created by an outlaw cyborg, known only as Fathertron. Intended to be his best creation, Qwerty turned out to be a little… broken. His high processing power allows him to be self aware, like many other robots, but with it also came a disorder known as hyperactive processing.

This condition necessitates that Qwerty always be acquiring and analyzing information. As such, he is constantly multi-tasking and getting easily distracted.

With the only way to fix Qwerty being a procedure that wipes out his identity, he opted to run away from home and Fathertron instead.

Spending some time on his own, he quickly learned that the universe is often unkind to robotic beings. Luckily for him, it wasn’t long until he met Vyvy and joined her as a thief-for-hire.