OVER 600 pages, this edition collects issues #201-225 of the Gold Digger series by Fred Perry. FIRST TIME in Brick format!

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It’s time to print and release the newest volume of the GOLD DIGGER COLOR GOLD BRICK SERIES, which collects issues 201 through 225 of the Gold Digger series.  (This is the point at which we merged the 50-issue black-and-white series into the overall numbering.) If you supported the previous color Gold Bricks, thank you very much, and we hope you support this campaign too. With a load of great standalone and continuity pickup stories, this collection makes a great jumping-on point for any new readers, as well as awesome reading for longtime fans. THESE ISSUES HAVE NEVER BEEN COLLECTED INTO ONE VOLUME BEFORE. Between its black-and-white and full-color issues, Gold Digger is fast approaching the 250-issue mark and is going strong!

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