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Space Circus (synopsis): Cosmo Niditch doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a military man. No, he dreams of becoming a great clown in the Cyrus Brothers Intergalactic Travelling Space Circus. But running away to the circus is only the beginning of the adventure that will take him across the galaxy, to Earth, in search of the legendary Flying Berrendo Brothers.


So right away Space Circus obviously has clowns in it which to those who know me, clowns freak me out just a little. I’ve always found them disturbing. Anyway, I digress… Space Circus, brought to you by way of Viper Comics, seems to be something that many of us are quite familiar with, following in the footsteps of our parents or following our dreams. The artwork is pretty cool and I feel that is has a very unique quality to it. The characters are very animated and show a range of emotion which is something many artists still struggle with today. The storytelling is spot on and I can guess at what is happening in the story just by looking at the panels. The camera angle and distance moves around from panel to panel which keeps your interest as well. The characters are easy to like and you care about what happens to them. I also kinda dig the textured backgrounds that almost resemble construction paper cutouts. I think that give the book a very unique feel and helps to push the characters to the forefront. I think anyone from a young reader to old jaded comic nerd would enjoy reading Space Circus. Go Buy It!

Art by: Ivan Escalante

Colors by: Zac Atkinson

Letters by: Tony Garza

Written by: Eric Hutchins & Matt Anderson

ISBN: 978-1-62098-822-0

Space Circus

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