Cosplay Focus: Giorgia

Giorgia is a famous cosplayer from Italy that has some really fantastic costumes. She lives near Verona(the city of Romeo and Juliet), but, thanks to her hobby, she travels very often around the world as a guest to many conventions. She had the chance to meet very important anime teachers like Go Nagai, Leiji Matsumoto, Monkey Punch, Yumiko Igarashi and other famous Japanese singers like Ichiro Mizuki and Kageyama Hironobu.

Name: Giorgia Vecchini
Born: September 2nd
Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Dark Green
Hobbies: Theater and Cosplay
Pets: 4 cats named Oreste, Kiki, little Kiki, and Pluffa
Favorite Color: Lilac
Personal Quote: I believe in karma what you give is what you get returned!


Giorgia says:

“The whole world of animation in general and particularly the Japanese one has been a part of me since when I was a little child. I live in a nice country town, called Vigasio, which is located just a few Km from Verona (the town of Romeo and Juliet 😉 , where I’ve always been regarded as an extrovert, special and lively girl, maybe also due to this insane passion which everybody has come, more or less, to know. Since I was a child, I don’t know whether “I amazed” or “I puzzled everybody” would fit most, by pouring out names and plots, by singing my favorite cartoons’ opening themes and by drawing follow ups of my TV heroes’ adventures on endless stacks of sheets of paper which I left all around my home. I’m afraid my parents looked at me like some sort of a circus phenomenon. After all, as you can see from this picture, I unconsciously played my very first cosplay at the tender age of two years: Heidi! Yet, back at the time of elementary school, my teacher, almost everyday, patiently wrote on my notebook unrealistic reprimands like “Giorgia must stop drawing Creamy on each page of her notebook” …poor woman…


As I grew up this passion also developed in many different forms: I was mainly prone to drawing, so I was the heroine of my school mates ^__^ and now I am the one of my little cousin Andrea. I really loved those cartoon which only later I came to know belonged to the “majokko” and “shoujo” genre, but most of all I loved the little witches.
I loved those characters to the point I not only used to build the magical accessories, but I also used to act like through and through. I really wanted to become an idol! But, just like all my class mates, when the anime Hikari no densetsu was aired for the first time, I decided my life would have been devoted to the Gymnastics Rhythmic, and when Ashita tenki ni nare was first aired I dug a lot of holes in my grandparents’ garden… something they haven’t been very happy of…
Anyway I think that Glass no kamen has influenced me more than others because, although many years have passed, and although I am still not able to transform in a witch, I’ve been acting in some theatrical companies for many years, and Theater is one of my greatest passions, along with Basketball which I’ve practiced for ten years.


I could easily say that my childhood has been marked by the various successful cartoons by which I’ve been repeatedly charmed (I have got an enviable collection of stickers’ collectors and even the nearly complete collection of Candy Candy published by Fabbri).
But the strange thing is that all my childhood memories go back only to the warm summer evenings which I spent playing in the streets with the other boys and girls from the block, or to the long days spent with my friends, riding a bicycle.

I was determined to attend some sort of School Of Arts, but, thanks to the intercession of the Holy Ghost, I ended up attending the Classic Institute, where, year by year, I came to know all of my best friends. I was in fantastic class, I really consider it a luck to have been able to meet so clever people; I will always keep in my heart all the reminds I built together with them in all those years. And I have nothing more to say on this subject, just like Forrest Gump said, “At the moment I’m carrying on my studies at the local Literature Faculty and I’m now close to my final exam.”


During my adolescence, thanks to the manga boom, I discovered I’m not a white fly, like I feared. Instead many people share the very same passion! It was a beautiful discovery, and thanks to it I met a lot of new friends with whom I can share many wonderful experiences, like, for example, all the journeys to Lucca: each time it’s an adventure!
It was during one of the Lucca-con that looking at some boys who were playing a live role play game, dressed like magicians, knights, etc., I thought that it would have been fun going to the con dressed like one of my favourite character; without even knowing it, I was thinking about cosplaying. Sailor Mars, March 1997, that was my very first experience of this kind.
It was wonderful; at the con very few people were cosplaying – half of which were cosplaying characters from Dragonball – I felt extremely well, most of all ’cause of the picture people took of me, and the admiration of the children… since that day attending a con in an ordinary look has been a real pain.


But trying to keep up with all the issues of the manga I was interested in and, at the same time, trying to satisfy some fancy need was becoming expensive and so, when I was 17 I started a not much time consuming job. I already used to teach private lessons, but it wasn’t enough any more… So I started to work as a bartender during Summer, as a convention hostess, as an escort – do not think bad! – during motor meetings, as a support teacher for the after school time, until I reached my present job: ground stewardess at the Valerio Catullo airport in Villafranca di Verona – one of these days I’m going to upload a picture of me in my work uniform!

I can say after all I am satisfied with myself: I already own a brand new car and my studies are coming to the very end (although, to tell the truth, I thinking of getting a second graduation… we’ll see).

Let’s ignore heart issues, which are best described somewhere else, and let’s go back to the cosplay matter! Unfortunately, in spite of my good dexterity, I can’t even pick up a needle, so I always have to ask my mother for help to make my costumes (she, instead, is very good at sewing, and moreover she is very self demanding), and I’m very lucky because my dad is a good carpenter and blacksmith – did you notice what marvelous things he’s able to do? My philosophy about cosplay can be regarded as belonging to the “realism”, that is I try to imagine how the costume would have looked if the character was real. This is why I don’t like much too flashy costumes, they’re too cartoonish… but never say never.


And now?
Well, now the passion for cosplay goes on and joint work opportunities at various different levels are growing. This very site is the final result of my passion, but I still go on performing for theatrical companies, and I even take private singing lesson, because after all I’m a dynamic and polyhedral person… but maybe you already realized that!”


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