Meet Literati Press

Michael Adams

LiteratiPressNot everything is Marvel or DC. Sometimes one must venture off the main roads to find new and exciting stories. Mainstream has its place but true comic fans understand the value of small press. Literati Press is an Oklahoma-based, small-press publisher that is gaining momentum and GeektheNews would like to introduce them to you if you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting them. This publishing house has some great titles coming out.  Here are some things to be looking out for according to publisher Charles Martin of Literati Press.

eggsEric Gorman is preparing to release an omnibus of his slacker comedy comic, eggs.  This is looking like an early fall release.





Welcome to RaltonAn Iraqi combat vet, Don Rosencrans is going to release four issues of Welcome to Ralton. It’s using a fantasy/superhero backdrop as a metaphor for the damage “heroing” can have on the families left behind.




SerialKittyFt. Worth artist, Halo Seraphim, will be releasing Serial Kitty next year, which is anticipated as being Literati’s biggest release to date.





LittleDixieMer Whinery is releasing his short story anthology, Little Dixie Horror Show in print later this fall. There are also some rumors that he may have another fantastic horror title in the works.



WonderboyCharles Martin’s digital dime novel, The Wonderboy Serials, is nearing the end of its conclusion. The twelve-issue arch was meant to be an experiment into the possibilities available with EBooks and has been so successful critically that it made sense to release it in print. The print anthology of Issues 1-6 is Literati’s first fiction title to really resonate with the comic book crowds they encounter nationwide. Literati Press also released the long-awaited title, Deviants which had a sort of twisted and tragic trek through the publishing industry over the last year and a half. According to Charles, “It’s my best book to date and serves as a sort of cautionary tale for placing too much hope in the traditional path of an author. It went from being my assumed breakthrough to being an orphaned title that we released mostly as a fundraiser for Literati.”


Literati Press has other titles coming down the pipe next year, so this is just the beginning of what looks like some exciting new ideas coming to life in comic form.