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GeektheNews.com catches up with Jessie Garza at Viper Comics

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Jessie Garza is the President and Publisher of Viper Comics which is based out of Irving Texas. The Viper comic book product line is distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors, and can be found in over 4,500 specialty retailer shops across the United States. Viper’s graphic novels are distributed through Diamond, Ingram Books, Baker & Taylor, Inc., and various other book distributors. Their graphic novels are available at major retail locations such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, Books A Million, Hastings Books, as well as many other book retailers and libraries around the country. Viper Comics products can be found throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Italy and Germany. Various Viper titles have been translated into several languages.

GTN: What is the story behind Viper Comics?

Jessie: Its simply small group of guys with love for the medium of story telling who chose to use comic medium as a way to tell stories.

GTN: What do you feel makes a great comic book?

Jessie: One that has an original idea that allows readers to pick it up and have hard time putting down.

GTN: What advice would you give someone trying to break into the comic industry?

Jessie: Be open to criticism and be willing to work as hard and long as you have to make things work.

GTN: Is there anything new coming to Viper you would like to talk about?

Jessie: Be on the look out for 2 cool projects releasing this year… Yellow and Hooligan.


GTN: During the early 90’s we saw a huge upswing in comic sales but towards the ends of the 90’s and early 2000’s comics saw a huge decline. Do you think that comics are making a comeback?

Jessie: Ok, let me start this response by saying that the comic/book industry is in a transitional stage, a lot like what happened with music (buyer habits changing from CD purchase to mp3). The arrival of digital books has changed the medium and a lot of folks are still trying to find their way. What I think is helping is movies and TV shows with comic ties…its allowing for comics to be seen and accepted as mainstream…print will never go away but I do believe it will still shrink some..today’s generation are all growing up seeing digital as the norm…and I feel that will have an impact long term.

GTN: Lastly, what superpower would you want if you had to choose one?

Jessie: Flight…being able to fly…

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